How To Jump Onboard The Ad Retargeting Train

Perhaps while surfing the web, you’ve noticed a certain ad following you around the Internet as you move from website to website. And lo and behold, it’s an ad for a website you’ve visited recently. How did they know?!!

This practice is called “ad retargeting.” If a surfer clicks on a pair of skinny jeans on one site, what better way to advertise said jeans than to show them again and again to someone who was already interested enough to view them?

Browser Cookies: They Are Out There

Hansel and Gretel of fairy-tale fame left breadcrumbs behind them as they walked through the forest so that they would be able to find their way home. Internet surfers leave behind cookies or small pieces of text behind as they surf the net, unintentionally.

Some cookies are generated by the websites a person visits, so if you check out backpacks at LL Bean, they will store data about your visit on a cookie that then sits in your computer. Other cookies are called tracking cookies, and are used by third-party sites for advertising purposes.

Ad Retargeting Focuses on Conversion

Online retailers work profoundly hard to convert browsers to shoppers. Marketing experts tell us that only 2% of website traffic is converted on a first visit. When browsers click on products to learn more about them, they are providing the e-retailer with invaluable information as to the type of product they are interested in and even as to price range and desired features.

According to, an online space targeted at chief marketing officers, visitors to websites are 70% more likely to convert into a customer when they are the focus of ad retargeting.

Ad Retargeting is Not Complex

Small business owners can easily introduce ad retargeting into their marketing strategy. Google AdWords, for example, offers a user-friendly tutorial on how to create remarketing lists – the base of an ad remarketing campaign, and to build a campaign that is targeted to the defined list. Other online marketing firms, like ReTargeter, do the set-up work for tech-shy business owners.

Ad Retargeting is Showing Growth as a Trend

Marketing experts have identified ad retargeting as a tactic that will be used much more liberally in the foreseeable future. Perfect Audience, an online firm offering support for clients who want to manage their own ad retargeting, set up a platform to help such clients spread their retargeted ads across Facebook.

This platform is currently being used to promote over 800,000 products. According to The Retargeting Barometer Report by Digiday, 1 in 5 marketing managers now have specific budgets for ad retargeting. All indicators point in the direction of more ad retargeting.

Of course, some online shoppers are annoyed when those skinny jeans start to follow them around the Internet. But, according to eMarketer, 30% of e-shoppers surveyed feel good about retargeted ads, while 11% have negative feelings about them and 60% are sitting on a very long electronic fence.

With all research pointing to increased conversion for business owners who use ad retargeting, it is undoubtedly time to give this tactic a genuine look-see. I’ve used retargeting successfully in the past when promoting my own high-converting internet marketing offers to new leads online. If you want to take a look at my system, or even have it implemented for you, click here.

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Dan Wiggs shows you how he is working towards a 6-figure per month income from his laptop. He shares the latest strategies that you can apply to any kind of business and really ramp up your marketing!

Make Your Banner Ads Stand Out With Banner Design Software

In today’s ultra-competitive times, advertising has become more important and doubly intense for brands than it ever was. With the rising of stakes coupled with the desire to get even an iota of edge over rivals, no brands want to get left behind in the race to success. Take for example the exiting scenarios in banner advertising where the desire to stand out from the crowd supersedes everything else.

This is why companies try their best to craft as attractive and visually appealing banner ads as none could. Creative designers are hired with great hopes and then fired for not bringing the right artistic imaginations to the core. Thanks to the arrival of a designing tool, banner ads are now a lot better designed than they ever were.

With feature-rich banner design software around, it has become a tad simple to create the design of own choice. It also packs in a big library of templates and themes to help you further.

There are a whole lot of other benefits that come with the software, including:

Create a banner of your own choice – You’d feel great with this new-found ability of creating banner of own choice. You can simply create anything and almost everything to meet the discerning and evolved tastes of the marketplace.

Create multiple designs and choose the best one – The software gives you a wonderful opportunity of creating multiple designs and then retaining the one that suits the needs the best. That way, you won’t have to live to substandard designs that often damage the brand rather than helping it.

You save a great deal of resources – The software gets integrated with websites so that anyone can create banners of choices. With that, the need of having a designer seems redundant and thus, you save both time and money. You become self-sufficient and look for increased ROI.

Add, upload and change anything – The banner software comes packed with the ability to let you add text and arches effects. More so, it allows uploading of images, rotation of texts and images, changing of background, addition of shapes or clip-art and saving of design etc.

It supports all major browsers – Creating an awesome design for banner ads has never been that easy. Thanks to the arrival of an extremely responsive tool, one can do it with utmost comfort. The tool is designed to support all major and popular web browsers around, together with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome and Safari.

It’s accessible from all devices – One of the best aspects about the banner design software is its ability to be get accessed from all devices. So it won’t matter whether you use mobiles or tablets or desktops, you will continue to enjoy the features and functionalities with ease.

It’s thus obvious that your banner ads need to be the best to bring home advantages galore. As it’s not worthwhile to take risks, you must trust only a tool that promises to fetch you the best of designs and results.

Why Print Must Be A Part Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Once print marketing was the only game in the city. Banners, posters, business cards, flyers and ads in the newspapers where your only option for getting the word out regarding your business.

Then came the internet.

And with the arrival of new email lists, websites and social media everything changed. In the past few decades, marketing has shifted entirely to a digital platform.

So does this means that print media is gone? That’s not true. In fact, there are several reasons why it is essential to join print advertising into your content marketing techniques.

It Hangs Around

Email can be ignored or sent to the spam box with one click never to be seen again. Top page banners and side screen ads can be hidden instantly. But a right designed and brightly colored brochure with visually appealing pictures or unique business card in a diverse shape is something you might not want to throw in the trash can immediately.

On the contrary, you might stick it to the fridge or keep the card in your wallet. In simple words, print media has more chances to stay in hand, and that’s what a good marketing strategy is.

It’s Already Printed

A lot of marketing comprises of discount and coupon codes, which must be printed to be used. This is quite a hassle for a lot of people, which is why many of them skip and never make use of such marketing.

However, discount codes and coupons that are already printed, mailed or distributed are more likely to be used. Additionally, some vouchers can be cashed by displaying a barcode on your cellphone; most people even find this too much to do. Taking a coupon out of your bag and using it to shop, is more comfortable.

People Trust It

In the end, the most critical point is that people still remember the old marketing ways. They remember seeking for jobs through newspapers and cutting out coupons from magazines. They remember handing out business cards on different occasions. This marketing strategy helped in building trust. People trust print marketing because before digital marketing came to life, print marketing was the king.

Digital marketing offers countless benefits that traditional marketing can never compete with. But what we should realise is that both these marketing strategies can work well together as new and old clients both respond efficiently to print media strategies. Try making use of print media in your digital marketing strategy and see how it can do wonders for your business.

Private Startup Investing Revolutionized

For more than 80 years, people have wanted to allocate a piece of their portfolio – even just $10k – to a compelling, high-risk/high-reward venture. The problem was, until the JOBS Act was passed a couple of years ago, and the rules were written even more recently, you had to be a venture capitalist or private equity firm to even see those groundfloor deals (that is, unless your cousin hit you up for cash on his new social media startup). The game has changed, and you can now see private deals offered under Regulation D, Rule 506(c) if you are accredited. Companies that qualify for the exemption can now conduct a general solicitation of accredited investors.

The progressive startups will win, and must adjust quickly to take advantage of the new law. If a startup can get their deal in front of the average investor, the chances of winning at completing a fundraise — even faster than a venture capital group could fund the same company — will be very likely. Venture group used to get all the action, and the average investor missed out. Missing out was the norm. But the norm has changed. Groundfloor level positions used to be exclusive to those who were “in the know.” Not anymore. The average investor is now at par with the big boys.

Some startups to avoid are those that do not offer risk mitigation. If a startup offers risk mitigation, the chances of private ‘untapped’ investors underwriting the fundraise increase dramatically!

Company after company are now launching their private fundraise to support their growth using Rule 506(c). Unique deal structures are, therefore, being demanded. Unique deal structures, for example, that provide a “wait and see” option to convert to an equity stake in the company at the investor’s discretion will become more popular. Such structures allow investors to enjoys an interest rate while they wait and see if the startup skyrockets or gets acquired for a premium. And if it doesn’t, well, that’s where the unique structure would apply.

To be clear, startups must provide risk mitigation to investors in order to really stand out in the crowd. Investors want deals that are designed to stand out in the crowd. Effectively, deals that provide a hedge for investors in a best-of-both-worlds scenario: enabling investors to jump into a high-potential tech investment, but without the typical risk exposure. Knowing that there are millions of investors in America, the key for any startup is generating traffic and being able to quickly monetize it. This means that online gateways are needed that:

· qualifies prospective investors,
· provides complete disclosures of the offering to investors,
· issues serialized offering documents to investors,
· provides for investors to complete subscription documents, and
· accepts investment transactions.

In an era where private capitalization has been unshackled, those who ‘know how’ to take advantage of the new law can help blaze a trail for compliant general solicitations. But without an online gateway, it’s impossible!

The future is now – and for those previously blocked investors from deal flow, there simply isn’t a smarter way to invest. It’s like a modern day gold rush for both sides: investors and fundraisers.

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